Please note: With iOS 14, Apple will start handling attribution through the SKAdNetwork. We recommend enabling server-side clicks in advance, as this is the best format for new requirements that no longer allow multiple redirects.



Server-side clicks allow you to send the user directly to the Base Destination URL instead of sending them through a redirect to that destination. The user is immediately delivered to the final destination, and the click data is fired simultaneously. This provides a better user experience with fewer clicks dropped.

Please note: Using this feature in a case where there are multiple existing redirects in the click path (this is common with rebrokered offers) will increase the likelihood of dropping the click or showing the user a dead page.


Enabling Server-Side Clicks

Navigate to Offers - Manage, then click the name of the offer. On the General card, click Edit.

Step #1

Enter the advertiser's destination URL on the Attribution tab. Be sure to include any relevant macros and parameters.

Step #2

Enter the final landing page on the General tab as the Base Destination URL.

*IMPORTANT* Server-side clicks may prevent the App/MMP from detecting the user's IP address or User Agent. As this data can be helpful, we recommend appending parameters to the Server-Side Click URL as designated by the MMP to pass that information.

See examples: &MMP_IP= and &MMP_UA= appended to the link below, used to pass those values with the Everflow-supported macros: {user_ip} and {user_agent}, respectively.

Replace MMP_IP and MMP_UA with the parameters designated by the App/MMP.

Please note all Targeting and Caps are VOID when using server-side clicks.



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