This article will teach you how to track conversions from Zipify back to Everflow if the end order confirmation page is hosted by Zipify.

If you are still using the regular Shopify order confirmation page, then you do not need to do this process and you can simply just do the Shopify integration instead.

*Please note you MUST have the Conversion method set to anything EXCEPT "Server Postback". This setting is found in Offers > Manage > click the Offer > edit (the general tab) > Tracking & controls under Conversion Method drop down. *

*Please note that you will need to place the EF.click script on your store using the Shopify integration: https://helpdesk.everflow.io/en/articles/3754468-how-to-connect-set-up-shopify-accounts *


Step 1

You will need to format this script:

var orderId = '{{order_name}}'.replace('#','');
var checkoutDiscount = '{{checkout.discounts}}';
var discountCode = '{{discount.code}}';
var email = '{{email}}';
var subtotalPrice = {{checkout.subtotal_price}} / 100;
(function() {
var script = document.createElement("script");
script.type = "text/javascript";
script.src = "https://INSERT_TRACKING_DOMAIN_HERE/scripts/sdk/everflow.js";
script.onload = function() {
// Call desired functions
amount: subtotalPrice,
order_id: orderId,
adv2: email,
adv1: checkoutDiscount,
coupon_code: discountCode,
parameters: {
'email': email

Replace INSERT_TRACKING_DOMAIN_HERE with your tracking domain from Offers > manage > click the Offer > Conversion Method box from here:

Replace INSERT_ADVERTISER_ID with the advertiser ID found on the offer page here:

In this case it would be 9.


Step 2

After you have adjusted that script please go to the Zipify app within Shopify and navigate to the "Additional Scripts" section then click on "Thank You Page Scripts" here:

*Please note that per Zipify, "Discount variables can only return data about the initial checkout. So scripts that contain discount variables should be inserted in the First Upsell Page Scripts field." If you have questions about this, please contact the customer success team.


Step 3

Then place the script from step 1 in that section like this and then click "Save Code":



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