Error Code; Error Message; Definition


1; INVALID_OVER_TTL; Offer is expired

Error Code: 1


Definition: Offer is expired

1; INVALID_OVER_TTL; Offer is expired

2; INVALID_OVER_OFFER_CAP; Offer Cap exceeded

3; INVALID_OVER_OFFER_GROUP_CAP; Offer Group Cap exceeded

4; INVALID_PLATFORM; Offer not targeting incoming device platform

5; INVALID_DEVICE_TYPE; Offer not targeting incoming device type

6; INVALID_BROWSER; Offer not targeting incoming device browser

7; INVALID_OS_VERSION; Offer not targeting incoming device OS version

8; INVALID_BROWSER_LANGUAGE; Offer not targeting incoming device language

9; INVALID_COUNTRY; Offer not targeting user country

10; INVALID_REGION; Offer not targeting user region

11; INVALID_CITY; Offer not targeting user city

12; INVALID_DMA; Offer not targeting user DMA

13; INVALID_IP_RANGE; User IP not included in allowed IP ranges

14; BLOCKED_TRAFFIC; Blocked by Traffic Blocking

15; BLOCKED_IP_RANGE; User IP is blocked

16; INVALID_ISP; Offer not targetins user ISP

17; INVALID_DAY_PARTING; Click occurred outside of valid day parting hours

18; INVALID_CONNECTION_TYPE; Offer not targeting user's connection type

19; INVALID_CARRIER; Offer not targeting user's mobile carrier

20; SMART_LINK_NO_MATCHING_OFFERS; None of the Offers in the Smart Link target the user

21; DUPLICATE_CLICK; Duplicate click with duplicate click filter enabled

23; PROXY_BLOCK; Click blocked based on offer-level proxy filter

24; BLOCKED_TRAFFIC_CONTROL; Blocked by Traffic Control

25; BLOCKED_TRAFFIC_CONSTRAINT; Blocked by traffic constraint

26; BLOCKED_TRAFFIC_AFFILIATE_TRACKING_DOMAIN; Blocked by affiliate tracking domain setting

27; ALREADY_CONVERTED; Already converted during session

28; TRAFFIC_OPTIMIZED; Traffic was blocked by SmartSwitch

29; FORWARDED_RULE; Click was forwarded by a rule

30; INVALID_BRAND; Offer not targeting incoming device brand

101; FILTER_SUB_1; Sub1 value filtered

102; FILTER_SUB_2; Sub2 value filtered

103; FILTER_SUB_3; Sub3 value filtered

104; FILTER_SUB_4; Sub4 value filtered

105; FILTER_SUB_5; Sub5 value filtered

106; FILTER_SOURCE_ID; Source ID value filtered

107; FILTER_USER_AGENT; User Agent value filtered

108; FILTER_REFERER; Referer value filtered

109; FILTER_IDFA; IDFA value filtered

110; FILTER_GOOGLE_AID; Google Advertiser ID (GAID) filtered

1001; AFFILIATE_PARAMETER_INVALID; Affiliate parameter missing, or malformed, from the click request (invalid URL)

1002; AFFILIATE_NOT_FOUND; Affiliate not found

1003; AFFILIATE_INACTIVE; Affiliate's account is not active

1004; AFFILIATE_NOT_APPROVED; Affiliate is not approved to run the Offer

1005; AFFILIATE_BLOCKED; Affiliate is blocked

1006; OFFER_PARAMETER_INVALID; Offer parameter missing, or malformed, from the click request (invalid URL)

1007; OFFER_NOT_FOUND; Offer not found

1008; OFFER_INACTIVE; Offer is inactive

1009; OFFER_GROUP_NOT_FOUND; Offer Group is not found

1010; ADVERTISER_NOT_FOUND; Advertiser not found

1011; ADVERTISER_INACTIVE; Advertiser is not active

1012; ADVERTISER_BLOCKED; Advertiser is blocked

1013; SMART_LINK_PARAMETER_INVALID; Smart Link parameter missing, or malformed, from the click request (invalid URL)

1014; SMART_LINK_NOT_FOUND; Smart Link is not found

1015; SMART_LINK_INACTIVE; Smart Link is inactive

1016; FORENSIQ_OVER_THRESHOLD; Forensiq API has returned a fraud score value that exceeds assigned click threshold

1017; AFFILIATE_BLACKLISTED_ADV; Affiliate is blacklisted at the advertiser level

1018; ANURA_FRAUD_CHECK; Anura fraud check categorized the click as fraud

1020; AFFILIATE_NOT_ACCEPTED_TERMS_CONDITIONS; Affiliate must accept offer-level T&Cs in order to gain access to Offer


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