Forwarding Rules let you send traffic to another Offer, specific Offer URLs, Smart Link or Destination URL.

You can find this feature by going to Offers > Manage > View an Offer > Forwarding Rules. You can view the list of forwarding rules defined for this Offer. From there, you can add/edit rules (see screenshots below).

A How-To Guide

  1. Conditions: Define the targeted Offer URLs and Partners properties:

2) Destination: Choose where you want to send traffic. Please note that Partners need to be approved to run the Offer which they will be Forwarded to:

3) Targeting (Optional):  If a click does not match the set Targeting Rules, the Forwarding Rule will not apply.

4) Variables: Select the Sub ID/Source ID value and Match Type.

When viewing the details of invalid clicks, you’ll see a new error message when a Forwarding Rule has been applied.

Please Note: When you pause an Offer, Forwarding Rules on this Offer will still be active only if the global setting "Enable fail traffic when an Offer is paused " is enabled.

You can find this global setting when you navigate to Control Center > Configuration > Global Settings.

How Destination URL Priority Works

As several Rules can be applied to the same Partner, we'll choose the first one that matches the click. 

Please Note: We consider the Rules that apply to specific Partners first, before rules set to 'apply to all Partners'.

The forwarded click will be subject to any Fail Traffic rules that are set on the Offer to which it is being forwarded.


  1. Fail traffic is enabled on Offer A, and sends to Offer B.

  2. Forwarding Rule set on Offer B that forwards to Offer C.

When a click fails on Offer A:

  • Traffic will be sent from A -> B -> C. 

  • If  the 'Pay Partner' option is disabled, then the Partner will not be paid if there were a conversion on Offer C.

Example 2:

Imagine you have a Forwarding Rule on Offer A that sends traffic to Offer B for Partner 123.

  1. Publisher 123 sends a click to Offer X.

  2. Our system identifies the Forwarding Rule and redirects the click to Offer Y.

  3. User converts on Offer B, a Postback is fired to Partner 123

Forwarded Traffic in Reporting

In all Dashboards (including the Advertiser and Partner Dashboard), clicks that are forwarded will show up as Invalid Clicks for the initial Offer, and those clicks will be displayed as Clicks for the Offer to which they were forwarded.

Client Dashboard:

Partner Dashboard:

**Please Note: Forwarding rules do not apply when an Offer is reached through a Smartlink.


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