Adjustments allows you to make changes to select top line statistics associated with a Partner's traffic on an Offer during a specific time frame. Changes can be applied at the Click and/or Conversion-level, and at both the Revenue and Payout levels. Adjustments are reflected in Partner Portal reporting, as well as in any Network-level top line reporting.

Please note that the Adjustments tool does not work on the current day, as the reporting is still being updated for that day.

You can watch a quick video on how to make an Adjustment here.

A How-To Guide for Making an Adjustment

Navigate to Partners - Adjustments to view previous Adjustments. Use the filters to narrow down the selection based on Offer, Partner or Advertiser.

Step #1

Click the + Add Adjustment button. Select the Date, Partner, and Offer for which you would like to make an Adjustment.

Step #2A

Switch on the toggle to enable Auto-Adjust Payout/Revenue. This allows you to change the count of clicks and conversions, and then automatically apply the calculated Revenue and Payout based on the assigned default or Custom Setting. Click Edit to make adjustments.

For example, if the offer has an RPA of $5 and a CPA of $2. You adjust the conversion column to 5. Automatically, the payout adjusts to $10; the Revenue to $25; the Profit to $15; the CVR to 0%.

Step 2B

Switch off the toggle to disable Auto-Adjust Payout/Revenue, which prevents any automatic calculations. This is the setting you will use when adding Payout or Revenue for an Event. Click Edit to make adjustments.

For example, you can update the Payout field to be $12. If you wanted to see what the total payout would be if using the default offer Payout click on the calculator icon. This will show you the amount you added to the column + the conversion count times the offer payout.

Step #3

Click Apply when you are done making your adjustments, and review the before and after adjustments. Click Save.


How do Adjustments appear in Reporting?

On top level reporting, a row that includes data that has an Adjustment will be highlighted in pink.


Other Tools To Make Changes to Reporting

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