An Event Postback is used when the Advertiser would like to pass additional events that occur either before or after the base conversion. The event data might include registrations, sales, retention, in-app purchases, etc. This article walks you through the process of implementing event Postbacks with your Advertiser.

Step #1

Confirm the event has been created by navigating to Offers - Manage > Select the Offer. On the right, you will see the event on the Revenue & Payout card. Click on the three dots on the right and then “edit” to add an event (“+ add event” button) at the bottom of the revenue and payout overview.

For a detailed guide on Event setup - [Click Here]

Step #2

Generate the Event Postback URL you will use for Event ID 77 (sign up) by scrolling down to the “Tracking” card that shows the Conversion Postback. From the Conversion dropdown, select the event (i.e. sign up) to add the event_id to the postback URL.

Copy that Postback URL and provide it to your Advertiser so they can fire those events into Everflow.

Advertiser Event Postbacks

You also have the option to create an event that can be applied to multiple Offers from the same Advertiser.

For example, if you have multiple Offers from the same Advertiser with an "Email sign up" event, you can create a single event postback URL to which your advertiser can fire ALL Email sign ups.

An Advertiser Event Postback contains the Advertiser Event ID in the parameter &adv_event_ID=, instead of the individual Event ID from the Offer-level.

For more information about Advertiser Level Events - [Click Here]


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