Here, we will highlight some tools you can use to help streamline the communication between you and your Partners. These tools provide the ability to generate tracking links in bulk, share offers in different ways, and to make announcements within the portal.

Offer Share: Share one Offer with multiple Partners

An email will be sent to the Partners you specify using the Offer Share template. You can read more here on how to customize the default Email Template. Navigate to Offers - Manage > Click on name of Offer > General Card - Share.

Navigate to Offers - Manage > Click on name of Offer > Tracking Links tab. Here, you choose the Partner for whom you'd like to share Offer information with, then click on the Envelope Icon.

The Offer information, including the Partner-specific tracking link, pops up and is available for you to Copy to your clipboard so that you may share it with your Partner.

Navigate to Partners - Manage > Click on name of Partner > Visibility Tab - Generate Tracking Links. Clicking this button creates an exportable list of Partner Tracking Links.

Direct Message: Share multiple Offers with multiple Partners

Navigate to Control Center - Direct Message to communicate via email with Partners, either with a general message or with Offer details. For more about information about how to use the Direct Message feature - [Click Here].

Dashboard Announcements: Share one message with all Partners

Use the Everflow Dashboard to display a message to all of your Partners. Navigate to Control Center - Configuration > Partner Portal Tab > Dashboard Announcements Card - Edit. 

Create your announcement using plain text or HTML. See the image below for an idea of how the announcement appears to the Partner in their Dashboard.


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