Analytics - Dimensional Report

This Analytics Dimensional Report allows you to review different metrics in one view and break down your view around a selected data point. This is particularly useful for performance optimization.

Choose from the data points available from the Dimensions drop-down.


If you’re looking to break down and review Partner performance by sub ID level, you may choose Sub1 - Sub5 as these are parameters your Partners can use to pass information about their traffic.

Choose from the different Metrics available from the drop-down such as Clicks, Conversions, EVR, Margin, RPC and more.

In the example below, using the Conversions and EVR (Event Rate) Metrics, you can see clearly that 100% of the 34 conversions on the Women’s Sports offer were associated with an event. 

Furthermore, you can click on the data points to drill down for more granular data. In the example below, clicking on a specific Partner will show the Analytics specific to that Partner, including the other Offers he is running and its associated Sub1 values. 

Use the line graphs to visualize how your Analytics data is trending.  



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