This article will walk you through how to reset your password. The same steps can be done for Partner and Advertiser logins. __________________________________________________________________

Step 1.

Click on Forgot Password?


Step 2.

Select from the 'I Am' pull down menu.

Employee = This is for users that own the Network.

Partner = Clients of the Network who drive traffic to the Offers.

Advertiser = Clients of the Network who own the Offers.


Step 3.

Enter your email address and hit Reset Password. 


Step 4.

Click on the email from the Everflow system to reset your password. This email can take up to five minutes to receive. 

**If you have not received an email after five minutes and you are a Network, reach out to support@everflow.io. If you are a Partner or an Advertiser, please reach out to your account/sales manager. 

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