The Coupon Codes section allows you to generate tracking Coupon Codes that are assigned to specified Partners. Whenever a conversion is made using that Coupon Code it will track the conversion back to your platform and credit the associated Partner. This provides the ability for your Partners to promote your Offers without using tracking links.  

To set up tracking for Coupon Code without using the Coupon Code Tracking URL -  [Click Here]

For creating and assigning new Coupon Codes - [Click Here]


Using Coupon Code Tracking URLs

The Coupon Code Tracking URL unlocks a powerful new way to track performance from your Partners. When you create a new Coupon Code in Everflow, we automatically create a tracking Coupon Code URL. When users visit this URL, they will be delivered to your normal Destination URL, and performance will be tracked to the Partner assigned to that Coupon Code.

Advertiser: Brand.com
Tracking domain: go.brand.com
Destination URL: brand.com/newstuff
Two Coupon Codes created and assigned to two Partners: insta1, and snapdog

Setup  would be:

  1. Partner 1 can send traffic to go.brand.com/insta1, or Partner 2 can send traffic to go.brand.com/snapdog)/
  2.  When those Partners send traffic to those pages, it will automatically re-direct that user to the Destination URL (brand.com/newstuff), and credits any conversions to the Partner by detecting the insta1 or snapdog part of the initial url.

Questions & Answers

Do I need to set up these URLs for this to work?

No. Everflow automatically generates these destination pages on top of your existing tracking domain, and then redirects the user to your Offer's Destination URL.

Do I need to use Direct Linking for this to work?

No. The tracking process starts on the re-direct, so you don't need a Direct Linking setup. 

Since this method uses an immediate auto-redirect, will this have issues with Facebook, Google, and other platforms that don't allow redirects?

Yes, this method would risk being flagged by these platforms. For these platforms, we recommend using Direct Linking. The Coupon Code Tracking URL is recommended for social channels like this that need an easy way to promote offers using links. 

Does this work with SmartSwitch, Targeting Rules, and Anti-Fraud Tools?

Yes, Everflow will check each user to make sure they meet all of your set SmartSwitch and Targeting rules before delivering them to the Offer. 


Setting up Coupon Code Tracking

If you would like to track Coupon Codes outside of the Coupon Code Tracking URL method, then you'll need to update your existing conversion tracking setup.

For Coupon Code tracking to work, the Shopping Cart will need to be able to return a coupon parameter. 

Here are all of the setup methods:

Shopify - Handled automatically through the Shopify Integration.

WooCommerce Coupon Code Setup - See the setup process here - [Click Here]

Postback URL - Append &coupon_code= to the Postback portion of your setup: 

https://[TrackingDomain/?nid=[EF Network ID]&transaction_id=[ShoppingCart ClickID]&coupon_code=[ShoppingCart CouponCode Parameter].

Other Conversion Methods - There will be a Postback portion inside of the Pixel/JS tag, and you update that section using the Postback URL method explained above. For example, for a Pixel Setup, you would add &coupon_code= to the section highlighted below:

<img src="https://[TrackingDomain/?nid=[EF Network ID]&transaction_id=[ShoppingCart ClickID]&coupon_code=[Shopping Cart Coupon Code Parameter]" width="1px" height="1px" /> 

Direct Linking - Add coupon_code: [Shopping Cart Coupon Code Parameter] inside of the script. Replace the []  section with the matching dynamic variable from your Shopping Cart. For example, in Shopify you would use:
coupon_code: Shopify.checkout.discount.code,

Here is how it this will look before you update the code to your specific Shopping Cart setup:

<script type="text/javascript" 
    src="https://[your tracking domain]/scripts/sdk/everflow.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    offer_id: [Offer ID],
    coupon_code: [Shopping Cart Coupon Code Parameter],


Creating New Coupon Codes

You can create Coupon Codes here: 

Please note: Click tracking takes precedence over a Coupon Code for attribution. If they click a link, and then use a Coupon Code, the Partner that drove the click will receive credit for the conversion.


Reporting for Coupon Codes Conversions

You can see conversions attributed to Coupon Codes under the Conversion Report.  To add this section: Reporting - Conversion > Columns Button > Select Coupon Code.

You can also see Coupon Code performance in the Analytics - Flex report.


Partner Access 

Partners can access Coupon Code URLs within their portal once a code is created. A new menu item will appear on the left menu bar.



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