Step #1

Navigate to Offers - Manage > select the Offer for which you want to generate a tracking link. From the Offer page, click on the Tracking Links tab.

Step #2

A: Generate Tracking Link for a specific Partner

Select the desired Partner, Traffic Source and/or Offer URL (if applicable), or enter optional Source ID and Sub1-5 placeholders. Click the Copy to Clipboard button in the top right corner of the link box and share it with your Partner.

B: Generate Tracking Links in Bulk

Click the Generate All Tracking Links button to pull a list of all tracking links which can be exported as a .csv file.


*Please note that the tracking link generator can also be found in the following locations:

  • Dashboard - Tracking Link card

  • Partners - Manage > Click the Partner > Tracking Link card

  • Partners - Manage > Select the Partner > Visibility tab - Generate Tracking Link in Bulk

  • Offers - Manage > Click three vertical dots on far right of any row > Get Tracking Link


Creative ID: This will add &creative_id=<id>

Source ID and Sub1-5: Standard parameters to be used for the Partner to pass data values into Everflow



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