MarketPlace makes it easy for you to discover and automatically connect to Partners and Advertisers. If you would like to be approved for this feature, please reach out to your Customer Success representative to learn about the process for being listed inside of the marketplace.

Please click here to watch the Webinar on the MarketPlace Marketplace.

You can find MarketPlace on your left-side menu.

Partner Discovery

Navigate to MarketPlace - Partner Discovery. This is where you can search and connect with a curated list of high quality Partners. You can invite them to your program and automatically connect your Offers to their system when they accept. No additional tracking setup is required for base conversions or events.

Adding Relationships

Step #1

Choose and invite the desired Partner. You can either create a new account for them, or if you’re already working with them, connect EXC to their existing account.

Selecting Customize Visibility allows you to pre approve Offers that you want to automatically set up in the Partner's platform. Please note that all offers with a Visibility Setting of Public, will already be approved for this Partner.

Step #2

Once the Partner approves your request, you will receive confirmation via an email.

Step #3

Navigate to Partners - Manage > Name of Partner.

Step #4

Once set up, the Partner is managed with the same process as your existing Partners.

You can also manage which Offers the Partner has access to from the above screen.

The tracking setup will be automatically implemented for successfully recording Conversions and Events. When an Offer is approved for the Partner it will immediately feed into their platform, allowing them to start delivering traffic. 

Advertiser Discovery

Navigate to MarketPlace - Advertiser Discovery. This is where you can find new Offer sources for promoting with your traffic.

Adding Relationships

Step #1

Click Apply. Then, you will need to:

  • accept the Advertiser's Terms and Conditions,

  • either enable the toggle for Use Existing Advertiser which will allow you to associate the Offers with the selected Advertiser, or create a new Advertiser account with which to associate the Offers by keeping the toggle disabled,

  • select Visibility for the Offers, which determines the default Visibility settings for your Partners, and

  • enter the Margin you want to receive, which will automatically adjust the Offer's Partner payout to the amount needed to maintain your margin.
    For example: If you enter 25% margin, and receive an Offer from this Advertiser for $10 RPA, it will automatically be set up with a $7.50 CPA for your Partners.

Step #2

You will receive an email confirmation when the application was approved by the Advertiser. Then, you can review the newly created Offers by simply clicking on View Offers from the email. 

Managing your Advertiser Feeds

Navigate to MarketPlace - Feeds. This is where you can review and edit all of your Advertiser integrations via EXC or API.

Please see MarketPlace Feeds documentation [here]. 

Please Note: If you need to add an integration via API, click the "Add Integration" button in the top right side of the screen. This is only for existing relationships, in which you already have an API key and would like to complete it manually. Please reach out to the Customer Success team if you do not see the Advertiser or Platform you wish to integrate with. 


We've assembled a superstar team of industry veterans that are available around the clock to make sure that your issues are resolved and questions are answered. You can reach out any time in-platform via Chat or by emailing support@everflow.io.

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