Updated - Hotfix (July 5, 2021): Filters for Sub1-5 and Source ID in Offer, Partner and Advertiser Reports now available [Details]


The Offer Report provides you with a breakdown of your performance by Offer and the Partners promoting that Offer.

Configuring Your Report

First, enter the date range and any relevant filters, such as Offer or Account Manager, that your report should consider.

Use the Metrics Filters to limit your report to data based on thresholds you set. In the example shown below, only Offers with more than 1000 clicks would be included in the report.

Save your filters, then click Run Report

Viewing Your Report

Click on any of the clickable data points to expand your view of the data.

  • Click on the specific Offer to view the performance for any Partner running it. 

  • Click the number in the Invalid Click column to see the reasons the clicks were deemed invalid. 

  • Click the number in the Click column to see a preview of the first 1000 clicks.

  • To see a list of all clicks, click the Request Report button. A notification will appear when the report is ready, and you can find it by navigating to Reporting - Saved & Scheduled > Requested Report tab.

Saving and Scheduling Reports

Click Save at the top right to maintain your filters and name the report. Click Load to use your saved reports later.

Click Schedule to automatically run and email the report based on the schedule you define.


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