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Step-by-Step for Launching Your Partner Marketing Program
Step-by-Step for Launching Your Partner Marketing Program

Guide covering everything you need to know to create a Partner/Affiliate program in Everflow

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This is a step-by-step guide for brands or agencies who are building their first Partner program on Everflow. This guide will walk you through the setup for a fictional company.


Fictional Company Details:

Name: Ake Clothes

Description: Ake Clothes make the best clothing from scarves to tank tops

Desired Partner Commission: 8% of the Shopping Cart total

Average Margin per Sale: 40%



Step 1. 


After signing your contract, here is what to expect when launching your Partner program on Everflow:

  • You will complete a setup questionnaire to determine how you would like your dashboard to be set up. 

  • Assigned a Customer Success Manager who will walk you through your initial setup process, on-boarding and training.

  • Able to use custom tracking and conversion domains.


Step 2.  


Here is how the Portal will look when you login to Everflow for the first time:

To allow colleagues access to the Portal:

Go to Control Center > Accounts > My Accounts > Add Account



To customize Everflow with your logo and branding:

Go to Control Center > Configuration > General tab > Edit


Here, you can upload your logo to replace the Everflow logo in the top left corner of the portal, as well as on your login page. 


To customize the color scheme of your Everflow portal:

Go to Control Center > Configuration > UI Customization > Edit


Under Theme, you can select one of the predefined color schemes or make your own by clicking on the color you would like to change and choosing a custom color 

You are now ready to set up your first Offer!

Step 3. 


Set up your first product under Offers:

Offers > Add

For Ake Clothes they want to set up different Payouts based on product lines. To do this, they will set up separate Offers for each type of product.


Name: The name of your Offer will be displayed to Partners.

Destination URL: This is the destination for your Partner's tracking links. 

Preview URL: This is the preview URL for the destination so the Partner can quickly see the landing page without clicking on a tracking link. 

Example: https:// www.

Description: This is where you showcase the value of your Offer to Partners. Get them excited with strong descriptions and call-to-actions. You have the option of using HTML or plain text in this section.

Step 4. 


Since Ake Clothes wants to offer a Payout of 8% of their customers’ order value, they want their Revenue and Payout to be based on the sale. To track how much they are generating from each sale as determined by an agreement with their Advertiser, they would select ‘RPS’ (Revenue Per Sale) and enter their margin of 40%. For the Partner payout, they would select ‘CPS’ (Cost Per Sale) and set it at 8%.

Keep the Fire Partner Postback toggled to the checkbox, otherwise Everflow won’t send the conversions (sales) to their system.


Step 5.  


Tracking with Direct Linking (Recommended):

Under ‘Conversion Method’ choose ‘JavaScript’ and toggle ‘Direct Linking’ to be enabled (checkbox). This will allow you to track Partner clicks and performance without requiring traditional tracking links.


Caps: Ake Clothes set their Conversion Cap to 500, which means their links will deactivate on this Offer after 500 sales are recorded in a single day. Since they have limited inventory, they want to ensure they can handle the fulfillment if an Partner sends a massive amount of traffic. 


Visibility: Public allows any of your Partners to see the Offer in their Partner portal. Private will only show the Offer only to the Partners you’ve selected.


Unique Session Duration: This is the time span in which a click from the same User is considered “unique.” In other words, it refers to the length of time that a duplicate click will be considered as such.

Cookie Setup: If you select ‘Cookie’, 24 hours is default.


Force SSL: This will generate Partner tracking links using HTTPS, providing greater security than HTTP. This requires your domain to be SSL certified which has a small annual cost.


Explicit T&Cs (Terms & Conditions): Option to require additional terms for the Partner to accept before they can run the Offer.

Redirect Mode: Always leave this as ‘Standard’ for best performance.

Step 6. 


Leave this section with the default deactivated settings under normal setups.


Step 7.


Targeting is where you will specify any requirements around which Users are allowed to reach your website or Offer. If the traffic doesn’t meet these requirements, the User is either sent to a dead page, or to your Fail Traffic setup (explained below).

Ake Clothing only ships to US & UK, so they will set those targeting requirements to prevent any potential order fraud from other countries:


Couple of other options to note:

Connection type: Specify the preferred Connection Type to only allow Users that are browsing on WiFi, Mobile or both.

Block Proxy Traffic: When this is enabled, clicks coming from proxies will be blocked. Everflow uses Digital Element to determine if clicks are coming from well-known proxies.

Day Parting: If you wish to only allow traffic to your Offer during certain parts of a day or week, this can be set up in Day Parting. 


Step 8. 


Fail Traffic is where you can send invalid traffic that doesn’t match your targeting and any other settings. If not enabled, as shown below in the deactivated grey setting, any invalid clicks are sent to a dead page. Ake Clothes does not yet have any other Offers they could send “failed traffic” to, so they will leave this deactivated.


Step 9.


This is where you add all of your creatives — banners, emails, etc. There is a bulk upload feature for creatives, so leave this empty for now. Skip over to Step 11 to complete your Offer set up before continuing to upload your creatives, as described below, and return here later.

To add all of your creatives:

Go to Offers — Creatives > ‘Add Creative’ > ‘Add Bulk’


Be sure to set Visibility to Public, so your Partners can access these banners. Type should always be set to image, select the Offer you just created and hit the up arrow icon to choose the .zip file of banners you want to upload.

This will set up all of your banners inside of the Offer.

Step 10.  


If you are planning to run email campaigns and have a managed suppression list with one of our Partners, Ezepo or Optizmo, you can integrate and share them with your Partners on your Everflow Offers. If none, leave this part as-is. Now, you can click Save to complete your Offer setup and add your creatives (scroll up for instructions). 


Step 11. 


Tracks a User as a click when they reach your landing page without requiring a click on an Everflow Tracking Link. That click is still unique to the Partner and Offer. Direct Linking improves the User experience by removing the traditional redirect that comes with an Partner link and allows Partners to promote on channels that prohibit third-party links, like Facebook and Google.

  1. Go to Offers > Manage on your Everflow dashboard and click the desired Offer.

2. Under the ‘General’ tab, scroll to the bottom and click the expand button Everflow JS SDK. 

This is where to find the Direct Linking JavaScript codes for tracking Clicks and Conversions. To set this up, please take the following steps:


  • Place the Click JavaScript on the landing page you will be using for Partner traffic.

  • To track all Partner traffic across your entire website, place the Click JavaScript in your global footer.

  • Place the Conversion JavaScript on your Confirmation/Thank You Page to record Conversion data in your Everflow portal.


Step 12.


For signing up Partners, you have two main options:

  1. You can manually create the Partner accounts for them

  2. You can link potential Partners to your Partner signup form

I. Manual Partner Setups:


Complete all of their information. Account Manager is the contact they will see when they log into their access for your dashboard, and Account Executive is for internal usage.



Traffic Source is a feature that allows you to automatically append parameters to this Partner whenever they are generating tracking links.

For example, if you want your Partners to always pass their Click IDs (their platform’s version of the Transaction ID) under sub1, their promotional placement IDs under sub2, and the website/app name under sub3:


By setting a traffic source for their account, they know exactly where you will receive these details inside of their tracking link (so you can pass these details inside your Destination URL).


If you don’t want to add their Address, click on Enable Address to turn off this requirement.


You can put in all of the payment details here to generate automatic invoices for them inside the system. Everflow currently doesn’t offer a payment processing solution, so all Partner payments need to be handled outside the platform, but can be tracked through our invoicing solution. We are integrated with selected payment processing solutions - Tipalti and Paypal. Speak with your CS Managers if you wish to process payments through these platforms.

For Ake Clothes they plan to handle all of the invoicing and payments outside the platform. They set Billing Frequency to Manual and Payment Method to None:

4: USER 

The optional final step to creating an Partner account is creating a User login. Here's where you will add the Partner User information and email address.

Please note that each email address can only be used for 1 User login. At the bottom of the page, you will find a checkbox for sending a notification email to the user to inform them of the account creation. This is enabled by default. 

II. Partner Sign Up Page: 

Go to Control Center > Configurations

You can grab your Partner Sign up Form under: Affiliate Sign Up URLs.


Step 13. 


For the Partner sign up form, if you wish to include a custom sign up header or a custom sign up confirmation after the Partner has submitted the sign up form:

Go to Control Center> Configuration> Affiliate Portal> Sign Up Tab> Edit 

Here, you can also add custom questions that you would like the Partner to provide during their sign up. 


You can add additional Terms & Conditions:

Go to Affiliate Portal > Terms And Conditions > Edit > Require Platform Terms and Conditions Agreement

Add those under Custom Terms and Conditions. 

You can also see a list of Partners who have agreed to the T&Cs as well as revoke their acceptance should you have an updated T&C in place. 


If there is an announcement that you wish to share with your Partners, you can configure that under:

Affiliate Portal >Dashboard Announcement 

Please note that this function only supports HTML. There are other customization options for the Partner Portal on this page. 


Step 14.  


Now that you have Partners in your system, they will need tracking links. They can either log into their dashboard to generate the tracking links for the account or you can generate the links for them. 

To generate their link: 

Go to Offers  > Manage > Click blue Offer name > Click TRACKING LINKS tab > Select Affiliate 

Click the Copy button.

The input boxes here allow you to include additional details for the Partner to pass. For example, you can have them pass ?sub2=partner&sub3=MichaeAM&sub4=[affiliate dynamic website name]. Anything passed in this way will then be viewable inside your click and conversion reports for keeping track of different channels and sources.

You are now ready to go! The Everflow reporting will help you evaluate your campaigns in real-time.  In order to help you better understand what each report is used for, please [Click Here].



If you have any issues or questions, we've assembled a superstar team of industry veterans that are available around the clock to make sure that your issues and questions get personally resolved. You can reach out to them at any time in-platform via Chat or by emailing

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