Direct Linking is a simple Conversion Method that enables you to track a user's click when they reach your landing page without requiring a click on an Everflow Tracking Link.

The User's click is unique to the Partner and Offer. Direct Linking utilizes Everflow's Javascript SDK to remove the traditional redirect that comes with a tracking link. This improves the User's experience, and allows for Partners to promote through channels that prohibit third-party links, like Facebook and Google.

Please note the Javascript SDK is not optimized for Internet Explorer.

  • For the Everflow JS SDK Documentation - [Click Here]

  • For information about how to choose a Conversion Method - [Click Here]

Setting Up Direct Linking

Step #1

Navigate to Offers - Manage, then click the desired Offer.

Step #2

To ensure that JavaScript SDK is selected inside the Conversion Method section, click Edit, then click on the Tracking & Controls tab. Under the Conversion Method dropdown, select JavaScript SDK.

Please note that when Direct Linking is enabled, and {offer_id} and {affiliate_id} are used in the Base Destination URL, the macros are automatically populated when generating a tracking link.

Step #2A

Navigate back to the offer page by clicking Save, or Cancel if JavaScript SDK was already selected.

To set up Click tracking, be sure you are looking at the Click tab within the Tracking card, as shown below.

  • Place the Click JavaScript on the landing page you will be using for Partner traffic. To track all Partner traffic across your entire website, place the Click JavaScript in your global footer.

Step #2B

To set up Conversion tracking, be sure you are looking at the Conversion tab within the Tracking card, as shown below.

Click Show Tracking Options to expand the list of values you can append to the script.

  • Select the Domain used for the conversion.

  • Select which Conversion to track. (i.e Base or Event)

  • Select either Offer ID, to build a script that will work for this specific Offer only, OR the Advertiser ID, which can track multiple offers associated with this Advertiser.

  • (Optional) Include additional parameters in the conversion code. See more info.

  • Place the Conversion JavaScript on your Confirmation/Thank You Page to record Conversion data in your Everflow portal.

**Troubleshooting Tip: If Amount is being fired in the Conversion Script, a numeric or string value must be passed in order to process a valid Conversion in Everflow. If the Amount field is blank, the conversion will not be fired into Everflow.

**Advanced Guide**

Impression Tracking

Track impressions through Direct Linking. Please note that we still attribute the conversion from the impression if there isn't a click fired, but the click will take precedence for attribution.

Customized Parameters

If you would like to customize the parameters used for Direct Linking clicks, navigate to Advertisers - Manage > Select Advertiser > Edit > Select Additional Information Tab > Edit under Direct Linking.

Additional Parameters for Click Script

You can pass more data to the Base Destination URL string using Sub IDs by adding more parameters to the Click Script like this:

<script type="text/javascript" 

<script type="text/javascript" >
offer_id: EF.urlParameter('oid'),
affiliate_id: EF.urlParameter('affid'), // Optional. You can hard code additional information to be tracked with the click. EX: sub1: 'Facebook', (In order to pass, you need to move that section above the // Optional section)
sub1: EF.urlParameter('value1'),
sub2: EF.urlParameter('fb_campaign_value'),
sub3: EF.urlParameter('name'),
sub4: EF.urlParameter('campaign_id'),
sub5: EF.urlParameter('data_point2'),
uid: EF.urlParameter('uid'),
source_id: EF.urlParameter('source_id'),
transaction_id: EF.urlParameter('_ef_transaction_id'),

Please note that you have to add these parameters to the Base Destination URL following that example:


Additional Parameters for Conversion Script

You can pass back additional parameters in the Conversion Script, including the following:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://(DOMAIN_USED_IN_YOUR_STANDARD_TRACKING_LINKS)/scripts/sdk/everflow.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">EF.conversion({

offer_id: [Your Offers ID], // ( Required if aid is not present).

aid: [Your Advertisers ID], // ( Required if offer_id is not present).

amount: 0, // Optional. Purchase amount used for RPS offers - your Shopping Cart may be able to generate this dynamically.

coupon_code: '', // Optional. Coupon code used, also applicable for impression tracking - your Shopping Cart may be able to generate this dynamically.

event_id: [Your Event's ID], // required for tracking an offer level event .

adv_event_id: [Your Advertiser Event's ID], // required for tracking an advertiser level event . })</script>

Using Direct Linking and Coupon Code Tracking URLs

To use this method with Direct Linking, you will need to do the following:

  1. Set Conversion Method to JavaScript SDK.

  2. Deactivate the Direct Linking toggle.

  3. Under General, add &tid={transaction_id} to the Base Destination URL.

  4. Modify your existing Click Script by adding the following inside the EF.click{[ section:

    transaction_id: EF.urlParameter('tid'),

Once set up, your Coupon Code Tracking URL will redirect traffic to your normal destination URL, which will include all of the necessary details for the JS SDK Script to track the user properly.

Campaigns with Multiple Points of Entrance

If you have several different ways users will reach the advertisers' websites, such as multiple landing pages that you're testing, then you will need to place the same Click Scripts on every single one of the landing pages.

Campaigns with Multiple Events

As mentioned above, you will need to place the Conversion Script on the confirmation page for each successful Event. On the Tracking card, select the Conversion tab. Choose the Event from the dropdown and paste this script on the page where the Event occurs.

You can instead use Parallel Tracking for tracking this channel, if preferred - [See Parallel Tracking Guide]

Using Verification Token for added security

If you have verification token enabled for a specific advertiser, the verification token will be automatically included in associated Conversion Scripts. For more about Verification Tokens- [Click Here]

Passing Media Cost

You can pass the Media Cost of an impression or a click to dynamically adjust the Payout. Learn more about passing the Media Cost - [See Passing Dynamic CPM/CPC Media Cost]

You can use both Direct Linking and redirect links on the same offer by enabling Direct Linking when setting up the offer and including the transaction_id in the Click Script, and including &_ef_transaction_id= in the Base Destination URL.

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://(DOMAIN_USED_IN_YOUR_STANDARD_TRACKING_LINKS)/scripts/sdk/everflow.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" >EF.click({
offer_id: EF.urlParameter('oid'),
affiliate_id: EF.urlParameter('affid'),

transaction_id: EF.urlParameter('_ef_transaction_id'), //make sure to use &ef_transaction_id={transaction_id} in the Base Destination URL for an offer that uses redirects and direct linking at the same time. //

Optional. You can hard code additional information to be tracked with the click. EX: sub1: 'Facebook', (In order to pass, you need to move that section above the // Optional section) sub1: '', sub2: '',});</script>

Cross Site Tracking (same root domain)

If you are using a landing page in front of your website with the same root domain as the site where the Conversion Script is placed you can set a cookie on the root domain.


  • landing page: partners.everflow.io

  • end site (with Conversion Script): www.everflow.io

You can use this method before the Click Script is triggered to register the cookie on the root domain, instead of the root domain + subdomain combination.

EF.configure({tld: "domain.com"});

Replace domain.com with the root domain. Below is an example Click Script for placing on the landing page:

<script type="text/javascript" 

<script type="text/javascript">
EF.configure({tld: "everflow.io"});
offer_id: EF.urlParameter('oid'),
affiliate_id: EF.urlParameter('affid'),
sub1: EF.urlParameter('sub1'),
sub2: EF.urlParameter('sub2'),
sub3: EF.urlParameter('sub3'),
sub4: EF.urlParameter('sub4'),
sub5: EF.urlParameter('sub5'),
uid: EF.urlParameter('uid'),
source_id: EF.urlParameter('source_id'),
transaction_id: EF.urlParameter('_ef_transaction_id'),


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