This article will explain what the Click To Conversion Time and how it functions in Everflow.

Click to Conversion Time can be found when setting up the Offer or editing it in the Attribution section.


If you do not enable a Click to Conversion Time, it will be set to indefinite (forever). If you do enable a Click to Conversion Time, it gives you the ability to set the the Max time or Min time between click and conversion. This allows you to define the time frame in which a click can potentially register a conversion.


Min. Click to Conversion Time:
Conversions happening before the specified window will be rejected.

Example: If you have a form that takes at least 2 minutes to complete and you set your Min. Click to Conversion Time to 30 seconds, all Conversions triggered will be rejected.

Max Click to Conversion Time: If the conversion happens before your defined window has ended, the Affiliate will still receive credit for the conversion. If the conversion comes in after your specified time range, it will not be attributed to the Affiliate.

Example: If you have a Maximum Click to Conversion Time of 30 days and a Publisher drives a click to your website but that user does not make a purchase until 40 days after the initial click, the Publisher will not receive credit for that conversion.



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